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Is Hypnosis Real? 3 More Ways Hypnosis Can Change Your Life

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

In working with clients from all over the world I’ve found hypnosis to be a truly incredible tool for personal change and spiritual expansion. Here are three more areas in which hypnosis can change your life.

1. Change Your Behavior

Often times we act in such a way that our motivations are unknown. We don’t always know why we do what we do, or why we don’t do what we need to do. With hypnosis, we can go inside to the deepest part of our operating system and swap one behavior for another. This can even be done without any understanding of the root of the behavior itself. This notion that the only way to change something about ourselves is to fully understand where it comes from and how it began is erroneous. Change is not predicated on knowledge. Hypnosis allows us to be in control of our own behavior and in so doing we become masters of our own selves. We are our habits, and without control over behavior we are floundering; a ship without a rutter.

2. Change State

Maybe you’ve had a bad day, maybe a bad week, bad month, bad year. The longer we remain in a bad and unproductive state the more it becomes a vicious cycle. It can become difficult to shake a bad frame of mind. With hypnosis, we can shake a bad state of being in a matter of minutes. Once that negative state of being is shaken we can instill a more productive and joyful state. The state we are in is largely what determines the quality of our lives and of our relationships. With hypnosis, we can shift damaging negative states in moments, and correct course.

3. Induce Joy

One of my favorite areas to work on with clients is optimism. Because hypnosis is a powerful means to root positive suggestions at a very deep level I have begun utilizing it to enhance my clients’ experience of joy and optimism. That feeling of overall well being, a gentle glow, soft happiness in all moments, can be achievable with consistent hypnosis practice. The state of hypnosis itself is a joyful and peaceful experience but add with that hypnosis’ ability to a change perspective, belief, and internal dialogue and you have an unrivaled tool for sustained optimism.

The more I work with hypnosis the more convinced I am of its power in countless applications to improve our lives and the way we live. Hypnosis contains within it, the tools to literally change lives. I know this because I’ve seen clients’ lives transformed in a matter of weeks. You have the capacity to be happy, well rounded, and motivated. You have the inherent ability to be who you want to be and to live the life you want to live. It is possible. It’s been done before using the same tools you have available to you now. You only need to take the first steps.

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