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This 2 Minute Exercise Will Put You In Touch With Your Inner Knowing

We all move through the world in what can feel like a whirlwind of doubt and uncertainty. What's my next best move? Where do I go from here? Is this right for me? It can be difficult to find guidance without influence. Our friends, family, and culture all try to sway our motives and decisions. So how can we know what we truly want, what's truly best for us? Our deepest inner knowing, also called intuition, is where our true self lives and where we can find uninhibited honest answers. This one technique will help you get in touch with your best inner guidance.

1. Relax

To start, simply close your eyes in a comfortable seated position. Make sure you are in a quiet and private place where you won’t be disturbed.

2. Breathe

Once you are nice and relaxed with your eyes closed, try this breathing pattern. Inhale for a count of four seconds, hold your breath in for a count of four seconds, exhale for a count of four seconds, remain breathless for a count of four seconds, then repeat the pattern inhaling for a count of four seconds. Continue this pattern of square breathing until you feel nice and relaxed. You may begin to have a sensation of sinking and floating and drifting.

3. Bring Your Attention Inside

Shift your attention inward, towards your breath at first. Notice the presence of your inner self, a warmth, a full darkness. Feel the darkness of your eyes closed as a presence inside of you.

4. Ask Your Question

Once you’re nice and relaxed, breathing deeply with your attention inward, pose your question. Ask your question towards your unconscious mind. Your unconscious mind is the all-knowing, benevolent aspect of your self. Ask your question internally and directly to this part of you. It truly knows. Try to ask your question as specifically as possible and only ask what, or how questions. Avoid when and why questions as they generally aren't as productive or personally motivating.

5. Wait For the Answer

Once you’ve asked your question, relax and wait for a response. There is no right or wrong way to do this, you only need to wait for some unconscious response. The first verbal response that pops into your head is your answer. That first unconscious response is your inner knowing answering back. It may feel like pretend, and it is, but its active imagination. It’s imagination put to work.

Trust this unconscious response to your question, as it is the deepest and most honest iteration of your inner knowing. Don’t force it, and don’t interject conscious answers to this process. Wait for the unconscious answer to float up from the depths of that full darkness inside. The answer is often soft and subtle so you’ll need to remain still and inwardly looking to get the answer.

Having these tools for unconscious inner knowing are very powerful as they provide unwavering guidance you can access anywhere, anytime. Trust this space. Trust these answers. They will not steer you wrong. The more you practice this exercise the easier it will get and the more clear the answers will become.

Have additional questions? I'd love to hear from you. Feel free reach out.


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