"I see a lot of presenters and none of them has the power and presence and uniqueness of what Lucas does." 

-Philippe Petit, Highwire Artist & Man on Wire

Lucas Handwerker is a Spiritual Counselor, Hypnotherapist and

Master Practitioner of NLP. 

He publicly cures fears, clears the fog, answers questions: past, present, and future. He heals the non-believers and weaves awe.

His new group presentation“You & I” is a modernization of the mystic healing experience combining spiritual counseling, hypnosis, active intuition, and storytelling in an entertaining and enlightening live event. He’s been called a brilliant navigator of inner space, a mental prodigy, and a sin eater.

He’s collaborated with Philippe Petit of the high wire walk between the twin towers' fame and delivered a TEDx talk at only 20 years old.

Lucas most recently finished his first book; A Voice Which Uses No Words.

Lucas is now presenting his unique hypnosis and healing presentations all over the country while continuing to work with clients from across the globe. 


Lucas' goal is to do the most good for the most number of people.