Lucas Handwerker is a Performance Artist, Intuitive Reader, Hypnotist, and Explorer of the Mind.


Lucas began his path at six years old when he started performing sleight of hand on the streets of his native South Florida. At 15 Lucas began studying hypnotherapy, becoming licensed and seeing one on one clients. Shortly after starting his practice, Lucas gave his first TEDx talk on how hypnosis can positively change our beliefs.


Lucas then began incorporating the healing power of hypnotherapy with the art of mentalism in a show directed by the legendary high-wire artist and performer Philippe Petit. This show went on to have a sold-out run in New York. 


Inspired by traditional healers and shamans Lucas’ interactive performances have evolved to incorporate demonstrations of thought-reading, thought-sharing, and intuitive readings for clarity, change, and psychic connection. Lucas also shares experiments of hypnosis’ ability to cure fears, change beliefs, and alter states. 


Lucas most recently finished his first book; A Voice Which Uses No Words. Lucas is now presenting his unique hypnosis and mind-reading performances all over the country while continuing to work with clients from across the globe.


Lucas' goal is to do the most good for the most number of people.