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Terms & Conditions


1. By navigating this website and by working with Lucas as a client, you acknowledge that Lucas Handwerker is not a licensed mental health practitioner and can not treat or diagnose any mental illness or mental health condition.


2. Lucas Handwerker's consulting practice is purely comprised of pastoral counseling and spiritual coaching.


3. Lucas Handwerker makes no medical claims and is not a mental health provider or practitioner.


4. As a spiritual counselor Lucas Handwerker serves as a guide and facilitator to clients' personal growth and development.


5. Lucas Handwerker is not a physician or a licensed clinical healthcare provider and will not provide a medical diagnosis nor recommend discontinuance of medically prescribed treatments.


6. Lucas is not licensed to advise anyone on the use of medication. 


7. Lucas facilitates clients’ healing of themselves. This includes teaching meditation and other self-directed techniques. 


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