1: Sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul. Act now.

2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DeIAQWIg9Ks

3: Blessings

4: A cursed man becomes a wise man. 

5: Untether yourself and be generous with your spirit. give yourself.

6:Shine a light on your own weaknesses. Humble yourself.

7: A difficult decision made by you is better than an easy one decided on your behalf

8:transform your voice into a sword. Speak with purpose, measure your action through others.

9: A blank face can blot out the sun

10: Feed yourself first. then others. 

11: Do not meet criticism with defensiveness. Instead, see it as a chance to improve

12:When you ask for what you want without enriching yourself you live in uncertainty. Instead, sit and grow your understanding. What you want will come to you.

13:In your power you are ignoring something close to you falling apart. Look to your left. 

14:You are walking away from your own protection. 


16:Breathe together

17: https://tinyurl.com/spbxpfe

18: Shift from contemplating the past to weighing the present and you will feel lighter.

19:Stand up, drop your shields and be pulled in a new direction

20: monster entrapping people becomes an angel singing songs of freedom

21:Let what happens to you inform your life, not create your life

22: something uncertain will settle and you will be dancing in the sun

23: first remove, then refine.

24: be wary of those who give you everything

25: The fool doesn't see the same tree the wise man sees

26: Things falling apart can mean freedom from what was holding you in

27: Your world turning upside down can mean seeing things from a new angle

28: See someone you know who is struggling

29: https://tinyurl.com/tbxcmtf   listen with your eyes closed

30: YES


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