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1: Stop reading and look at what’s right in front of you

2: Shine a light on your angels 

3: When you stop spinning your wheels
you can collaborate with whom you were competing against 

4: You are turning away from the world 

5: Stand up and get your hands dirty

6: Your true friends in the sun come from
what you give in the dark 

7: Be less of a teacher to look up to
and more of a moon to dance to

8: When the king and queen die
the prince is left driving the chariot 

9: The tools you use to push you forward can become what suspends you. Drop everything over time 

10: When you Loosen your grip on your shield and process what’s inside, you will sprout wings 

11: Making people rely on you
will be their destruction when you leave 

12: The king faces the end with a smile 

13: Turn to face the front.
Measure with your left hand cut with your right hand 

14: Looking back, even the devils had something to teach you 

15: Getting unstuck means you have decisions to make. consider you may rather be stuck. That’s okay. Focus on making decisions that make you want to be unstuck 

16:If you get kicked out of paradise and find angels on the outside maybe you weren’t in heaven after all 

17: You can walk away from them
but be careful of taking their problems with you

18: You can give to two and wish for more or use two to give and watch with faith what you give flow to the world

19:Beware those who laugh in the daylight like children
and fight at night  like dogs 

20: Get off your high horse and face the world.
You’ll have everything you need.

21: An Angel becomes an old man 
Pouring Water becomes light 
See what it can show you 

22: Your crown may keep your head from turning 

23: When you turn your own struggle into music
you will become a savior of others

24: Sit still and in the quiet.
You can learn more on your own right now

25: Having power over others gives them power over you.
Seek freedom through logic and discipline 

26:When you focus on teaching others
your cage will become a throne 

27: What falls apart is what’s given 

28: Two old men face each other
One with a light the other with status 
Only one can see

29: An outside party will make a decision much easier 

30: If you leave your safety you will be met with struggle but it will be a struggle to heal the world 

31Look to the younger man for answers. Let your students work towards your cause

32A man is walking away from a woman while she looks to the past

33Treating people like numbers to count, transforms everyone into a devil and prisoners 

34Sooner or later you’ll need to slow down on giving. Say yes to more responsibility and give to yourself

35An old man looks towards a bright future for the ones he loves. He isn’t there but he is happy anyway

36Looking back at a choice won’t help you make a new one and won’t tell you what’s ahead

37Stop measuring, drop the flightiness, and step forward into the world 

38What takes away becomes a light to eat by

39Pick up the pieces that have fallen out of you. But don’t force it

40: Looking at what happened in work will mean turning your back on someone who needs your help 

41Take turns for who plays the Angel 

42Some learn by looking. Some learn by looking away. Look to those who look away

43Don’t shoot arrows. Deliver messages

44What traps is trapped. What imprisons is imprisoned. Cut tethers, sit and watch what goes free 

45: A young man looks to an older woman for answers but he is distracted from his work. She hardly notices him 

46: The one who feeds leaves and is chased by the one who is fed. You can either turn back or sacrifice something you care about

47A student outgrows their teacher or the teacher stifles the student 

48Look at who gives to you freely. Become their North Star 

49When the dust settles whoever is on top now will be in charge of the rest 

50: When you stop passing the time others will get you where you want to go. Let them

51: Step back from your world. Leave your safety and reassess things

52When the sun goes away walls turn into burning buildings. Friends grow up and fall apart. The fire was always there,
only held at bay. Greener pastures are revealed.

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