Recent Testimonials

"Getting a reading with Lucas is like having a conversation with an old friend who knows you better than you know yourself. He got to the heart of my questions before I had even asked them and his guidance brought to light what I knew deep down but could not fully articulate or actualize myself. His words have continued to ring true and help me move in the right direction."

-Carolyn B.

"Lucas has helped me make a real
breakthrough in a very short time, which is
amazing to me. I can’t thank him enough for
the level of help he’s given me already and look
forward to continuing our work together."

-Gregg I.

"Lucas’s readings have given me the clarity and perspective I needed to face some of the greatest challenges of my life thus far. Lucas doesn’t always tell you what you want to hear; he tells you what you need to hear."

-Elizabeth L. 

“Lucas is a brilliant, inspired, and committed navigator of inner space.”

-Mitch. D


“Lucas works to help people overcome their internal obstacles

and realize their life’s full potential.”


-The Boca Raton Tribune