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"Working with Lucas has changed my life, 

and changed me for the better." 

Arianna W.

"One of the best investments

I've ever made."

Robbie T. 

"It's remarkable. This is life-changing.."
Sabella R. 

"My quality of life now is so much better."
Nathaniel B. 

"I feel so much more alive and more human which I am so grateful for. This has been life-changing." 
Tim B. 

"My life is only getting better from here. The transformations have been incredible."
Dawn T. 

"I feel so free now!"
Autymn S. 

"This work has brought a lot of joy back into my life that had felt really far away  for a long time."
Eddie T. 

"It's been a life-changing program for me..
I felt a major shift. " 

Rebecca D. 

"Many areas of my life have improved since working with Lucas including my anxiety, and my relationship with money. He even helped me have complete control over my panic attack symptoms"

Brandon B. 
New York, New York

"Since I first contacted Lucas, not too long ago, I’ve been able to realize many of the goals I tried to attain by myself for a long time. Lucas is a well-kept secret that sincerely wants to help people realize their dreams and goals."

Elaine D
Boston, Massachusetts 

"I’m glad I came across Lucas. The progress I’ve had has been incredible. Everything I’ve been wanting to do is becoming easier and life is getting easier."

Sarah G. 
New York, New York

"I felt stuck. I had a trauma that was really keeping me away from being fully happy. It's very difficult to describe all of the changes that happened with Lucas. New doors started to open as if by magic. I don't feel the pain anymore. It honestly feels like a dream. Everything has changed so quickly! I am grateful. 

Louise T.
Brussels, Belgium

Screen Shot 2020-08-01 at 1.17.21 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-08-08 at 4.49.22 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-11-28 at 3.26.59 PM.png

"I noticed an incredible change after the first session. Lucas provides a holistic approach, one that is natural to the human system. I’ve seen more results in a couple of months than I ever have of years of other methods."

Mel D. 
Springfield, New Jersey

"I’ve been working with Lucas for about 6 months and the work we’ve done has completely changed my life.
I am so grateful I was led to Lucas. He’s been an absolute blessing!"

Stephanie S. 
Cinncinati, Ohio

“Wow, thank you Lucas. Miracles are happening in my life.
Thank YOU!” 

Alexandra P. 
Bucarest, Romania 

"Working with Lucas has been a truly transformational experience. We have been able to get straight to the root of a lot of issues that have been plaguing me for years- that traditional therapy was not able to resolve.
I highly recommend him!”

Rose T.
Los Angeles, California

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