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3 Ways Hypnosis is Mediation Taken to the Next Level

Mediation is a timeless and profoundly effective practice for increasing your wellbeing, but even meditation holds it’s limitations. Hypnosis is a practice that is just as old as mediation and has more pragmatic application in your daily life. Here are three ways hypnosis can take your inner development to a level beyond mediation alone.

1. Go Deeper

With hypnosis, you can get to deeper levels of transcendence more quickly and more easily. Meditation takes a lot of practice to get towards noticeable levels of depth while with hypnosis you can access intense levels within your first trance. The value of going deeper into these transcendent states is that you can access a greater feeling of peace and make changes from the very root of your mind. With hypnosis, these depth states occur faster, more fluidly, and with less time devoted to the practice. With mediation it could take 20-30 minutes to get towards the same level of depth it takes you five minutes to get to with hypnosis.

2. Pragma is King

With hypnosis, getting to deep levels of peace is only the beginning. Once that level of depth is achieved relatively quickly the work really begins. With hypnosis, there is a directive, an intention, a goal to be reached, a behavior to be changed, information to be gathered. With hypnosis, pragmatism is a huge factor and the depth of the trance is married to the purpose of the session. With meditation there is only the altered state itself and how deep you can access it. Hypnosis gets you to that level of depth much quicker and then uses the space to improve your life in a very real and very pinpointed way.

3. Gather Information

With meditation, the space of depth is generally the beginning and end of the experience. With hypnosis, you access the deepest part of your unconscious mind where all the unconscious inner knowing lies. With this access, you can gather guidance from this incredibly deep place. Hypnosis allows you to get in touch with the truest and wisest part of yourself. Once this information is gathered from your unconscious mind you can bring it into the world and your daily life.

Mediation is an extremely powerful tool for transcendence and peace, but when combined with a hypnosis practice the tools can take you to a new level of being and understanding. Hypnosis is an unparalleled tool for personal change and spiritual expansion, and when applied in the right way can create lasting peace and new directions for personal power.

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