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Does Hypnosis Work? 5 Ways Hypnosis Can Change Your Life.

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Master your mind with these five areas of hypnosis and the world will be your oyster

We all have the image of the hypnotist swinging a pocket watch in front of an unsuspecting volunteer. What usually follows is some mocking display of power with the volunteer barking like a dog. Hypnosis, in truth, is much more intricate, ancient, and powerful than the popular cultural depictions we've come to know. Having worked as a hypnotist for the past 10 years I've seen hypnosis serve as an integral tool in my clients' personal development. These five areas of change are based in my real work with real people. From overcoming long held fears, to getting over a bad breakup, these are five of the ways hypnosis can change your life for the better. 

1. Change Your Beliefs

Beliefs rule our lives and control our choices. We all have them, we all use them. Some for better, some for worse. But, like it or not, what you believe controls your life. These could be limiting beliefs like, "I'm too old to go back to school" or "I could never be my own boss," "I should have been making more money by now" or "I should have a girlfriend/boyfriend." What we think is possible or impossible, right or wrong, is because of the beliefs we hold.

Whether it's the beliefs we hold about ourselves, "I'm bad at math," or the beliefs we hold about others, "you never listen to me!" The longer we hold our beliefs the harder it can be to undo them.

I worked with a man from the midwest who had a belief that money was evil and so he was unable to save. By addressing the association directly and then reversing it, we were able to change his view of money forever. With guided hypnosis you can not only access the part of your mind which holds these beliefs, you can change those beliefs to better suit you. Hypnosis utilizes unconscious suggestion to get to the root of what you believe and to make those changes from the inside out. 

2. Overcome Fears

This is one of the most common uses of hypnosis. Fears of flying, spiders, the dark or even fears of failure, being alone, and poverty can all be addressed through hypnosis. Hypnosis provides us a working ground to not only face our fears but to approach them from a different perspective and ultimately defuse them. I once worked with a woman who had a crippling fear of driving. After two sessions of hypnosis all those feelings of anxiety had faded away and before long she was driving to visit her son across the country. By putting someone in trance and having them address their fears in a calm, controlled space they can break down the fear and build a more useful state in its place. 

3. Change Habits

Most of us have a friend, or a friend of a friend who quit smoking with hypnosis. But that's just scratching the surface. Any negative habit can be broken down, and any positive habit can be rebuilt using the power of guided hypnosis. Study habits, workout habits, eating habits, relationship habits, you name it. Our habits control our lives, and with hypnosis we control our habits.

4. Change Perception

Why is it that our worst moments often feel so much more intense in memory than our best moments? It's all a matter of training. With hypnosis we can control our perception and understanding of our reality. Can't get over that ex-significant other? With hypnosis you can diminish the positive memories of them and amplify the negative ones. This allows you to let them go more easily. Constantly bombarded by negative worst case scenarios? With hypnosis we can shift our mind's emphasis from the negative to the positive and make optimism second nature. 

5. Clarify Goals

Goals are only as real as we believe them to be. Hypnosis allows us to set clear achievable goals and then internalize a strategy for achieving them. I recently worked with a small business owner who couldn't get a handle on his bills and was worried he'd have to close his restaurant's doors. By clarifying his well-formed outcomes he internalized success and in turn found taking action to be effortless and energizing. Conscious effort can get a lot done, but unconscious effort works for you even while you're sleeping.

These five areas are just the beginning. We have within us the answers to all of our challenges. It's just a matter of opening the door and walking through.


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