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This One Hypnosis Tool Will Kill Your Anxiety

Generalized anxiety is on the rise and is slated to become one of the great emotional epidemics of this generation. But this one hypnosis exercise can help alleviate that general physical anxiety.

In working with my clients one on one, generalized anxiety is very common. That feeling of tightness in your chest or stomach. That clenching in your jaw and throat. However the anxiety manifests, it generally comes from deeply held emotions.

The reason for this anxiety is not always known but the feeling is there, and it can be crippling. This is one simple technique I’ve used successfully with my clients as well as with large public groups for years. Give it a try and see how it helps you.

1. Find Your Anxiety

Anxiety finds it’s home in our bodies. So take a moment and see where in your body the anxiety lives. The general areas for anxiety are the stomach, the chest, and the throat. Other common areas are the head or face. It could be one, or a combination of these. It could also be all three in different degrees. Locate where this particular anxiety exists in your body.

2. Notice How It Moves

Most emotion has movement to it. Hence the word eMOTION. It will usually start in one part of your body and move to another, typically in some kind of loop. For example, it can start in your stomach, move up to your chest, and then to your throat. This can loop around with it going back to your stomach, then to your chest, on towards your throat, and so on. This loop tends to compound and speed up, which is typically what causes the anxiety to grow in intensity. However the anxiety moves, whatever loop it makes, take notice and go to step three.

3. Match The Spin

However the loop of your anxiety is moving, whatever direction it moves, you match it with your hands in front of you. Spin your hands in a circle around each other. Spin them at the same speed your anxiety moves. Spin them in the same direction. Spin your hands at the same distance. There is no right way to do this, only what feels natural and matches the movement and speed of that anxiety in your body. Closing your eyes to get your hands into a rhythm with the anxiety can help. Spin your hands, matching the inner feelings of the anxiety until you know they are matched. This may feel a little silly at first, but keep going. Spin your hands rotating around one another like you are winding up a thread.

4. Freeze

Once your spinning hands are matching the size and speed of your anxiety loop, freeze your hands in place.

5. Reverse The Spin

Finally, reverse the direction of the spin of your hands. If you were spinning your hands forward for the anxiety, now spin them backward. If you were spinning them back towards yourself, now reverse the spin forwards away from you. Once you have begun reversing the spin, keep going and now speed up this new reversed spin. You will feel a release in your body. Keep this new faster, reversed spin going until you feel some release of that anxiety. People often report the reverse spin not only releasing the anxiety but creating a new joyful feeling.

How was that for you? I’d love to hear about your experience. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions as well.


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