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Can't Motivate Yourself? Hypnosis Is Your Magic Key

In this day and age of distraction and overstimulation, motivation can seem like a far-off concept. But with unconscious access through hypnosis, motivation will feel fluid and effortless.

Motivation is what pulls us forward towards action. Motivation is the difference between acting on plans and ideas or simply dreaming them. But motivation can quickly be replaced with a seemingly endless heaviness. We can feel bogged down, stuck in quicksand, and even the most simple of tasks can feel impossible. This is often known as inner resistance. When we are truly motivated there is not even a question to not do, we simply do. But motivation is a shifting force inside of us. It needs our attention and care. If you are feeling stuck in the muck of stagnation here are a few ways hypnosis can help you get your motivation groove back.

Create New Motivation

As things change our motivation for doing certain tasks can become out of date or no longer serve us. When this happens, things that once motivated us no longer do, and the energy dissipates with that change. For instance, if the motivation to do school work comes from the excitement about a future career and there is a loss of interest in that career path, motivation will dissolve. This dissolution comes from an out of date motivation strategy.

These changes in interest and drive are often unconscious shifts so they are difficult to notice until we are already in a spiral of inaction. Hypnosis allows us to get to the core of our unconscious motivations to see if they are still relevant. If we realize our old motivation strategy is no longer working, hypnosis gives us the tools to implement new strategies at a deep unconscious level.

Unconscious Strategies

I recently worked with a client who had massive career success and a stellar work ethic. His motivation came when he had a sudden death in the family. In order to cope with this sudden shock, he buried himself in his work and excelled tremendously. The only issue came when all the suppressed emotions needed to be felt. Ignoring his pain was no longer an effective motivation strategy for him so he lost all drive to work. With hypnosis and other unconscious tools, we were able to understand this inner mechanism at a deep level and implement new motivation strategies that would not only serve him but serve his coping with all those suppressed feelings.

The Answer

As human beings, we need a reason for doing what we do. If the reason we do something no longer serves our best selves or is no longer compelling, motivation will leave. It’s an ongoing process, but unconscious work allows us to nourish the root directly.

Have you ever experienced a loss of motivation for something you once loved? Share your experience. Have additional questions? Feel free to reach out.


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