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This Is How Hypnosis Can Improve Your Intuition

We’ve all had the experience of knowing something without knowing how we know. Whether you call it a feeling, or a hunch, or trusting your gut, there is a deep knowing inside of all of us. This is how hypnosis can help you access your intuition at a deeper and more consistent level.

Where Does Intuition Come From?

Although sometimes it can feel like a lucky guess, our intuitive knowing comes from a very deep and profoundly powerful place. There is a concept called PWA, or perception without awareness. This psychological theory states that in our daily lives, we absorb and are aware of millions of subtle pieces of information. We absorb this information and even perceive it without much conscious awareness. Our unconscious mind is where this massive perceptual treasure trove lives. PWA states that when we access our intuition we are accessing this bounty of subtle perception that we store and remain largely unaware of. So in order to become accurately and consistently intuitive, we need to become more in touch with our unconscious knowing.

Waking Hypnosis

When we go into trance through hypnosis we put our unconscious mind in the driver's seat and access it’s vast recesses of deep knowing. Hypnosis allows us unprecedented access to the deepest parts of ourselves where all our inner knowing lives. This space of inner knowing is where intuitive knowing comes from. The more in touch with our unconscious mind we are, the more clear and powerful our Intuition will be. Inner knowing and intuition are synonymous with our unconscious mind, and hypnosis is an unparalleled tool to access this deep and subtle part of ourselves.

I once worked with a woman who had lost her way professionally. She didn't know what to focus her energy on. I slowly began to put her in a space of waking trance, a light space of access to her unconscious mind. In this space, I asked her to play a little imaginary game. I asked her to pretend she knew what she wanted to do, to act as if it was clear and to see what came up. In that instant her path became illuminated, and her unconscious mind, freed from constraint, told her exactly what she needed to do, and even how to begin doing it. Inner knowing comes in the form of deep guidance and clarifying truth.

Inner Access

We all have access to an immense amount of clarity but we bury it every day with thinking, worry, planning, and doubt. Hypnosis serves as a key to the door of our own kingdoms. Once we are able to access our unconscious knowing, there is a guidance and a clarity that seems almost otherworldly. As if by magic. But that magic is spelled, Y..O..U.

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