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This Two Minute Read Will Change the Way You Understand Your Mind

In my years working as a hypnotist and an intuitive consultant, I’ve been lucky enough to work with groups and individuals from all over the world. In my time studying and working with people’s minds I’ve come across one misunderstanding which is the cause of so much unnecessary suffering.

Conscious Mind

The conscious mind is responsible for everything you are immediately aware of. It’s where you do your thinking, and it’s where your attention lies. Some people even equate this part of their minds with themselves, which is a very dangerous habit. Our conscious mind is a very loyal and faithful servant. It’s often how we accomplish tasks, and where much of our logical thinking comes from. However seemingly important this part of your mind is, it is only a very small part of you and contains only a fraction of your full capacities.

Unconscious Mind

Your unconscious mind is the other 90% of your capacity. If I were to ask you to think of your first-grade teacher you can probably recall them now, can’t you? But you weren’t just thinking about them until I asked. So where was that piece of information before I asked? It wasn’t in your immediate awareness? It was in your unconscious mind. All of your memories, resources, fears, beliefs, dreams, and just about anything you aren’t thinking about, lies within your unconscious mind. Your unconscious mind is your most powerful tool in making changes and achieving goals. People are much more defined by their unconscious thoughts than by their conscious thoughts. Giving this area of your mind some attention and effort will go a very long way.

The Mistake Most Make

Most people attempt to make changes in their life through only conscious effort. Doing that is like trying to fix a car’s engine without getting out of the driver's seat. Most change occurs at an unconscious level. Not only does most change occur at an unconscious level, but most of your ability and inner power also lies at an unconscious level. This makes utilizing your unconscious mind crucial in all self-advancement and actualization. But most people almost never access their unconscious minds. That’s like never going near 90% of your ability. Conscious effort alone is an uphill climb, an endless push. Unconscious effort combined with conscious effort is a more effective and powerful route to change and actualization.

The How Of Your Unconscious

Hypnosis is one of the most powerful and effective tools to access and use your unconscious mind. Hypnosis puts you in touch with the deepest and most capable part of yourself. Hypnosis also allows you to make lasting change at a deep level, relatively quickly. Once you are able to access your unconscious mind fully, inner power will be accessible, change will be fluid, and achievement will be integrated.

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